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"Do yourself a favor and get this series!"

"I loved it! Excited to read the next one in the series. Hoping there will be many more stories from Crystal in the future!"

"I was very impressed by first time writer, Crystal Matthews, I was hooked with the first page and can not wait for a sequel."

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Burdens of Blood: Legend of the Dawn Child Book One

September 2021

In a world where gods have been imprisoned for millennia, and danger lurks around every corner, Starlyn DeTousan's life takes an extraordinary turn. Raised as an outcast on a tranquil farmstead, she's summoned before The Elders, ancient deities bound by a curse. With a Guardian by her side, she embarks on a perilous journey through lands teeming with vampires, demons, and ruthless bandits, all in pursuit of a destiny she never asked for.

But the path to salvation is fraught with peril. A relentless Mistress from the North dispatches her fearsome pack of Night Runners, a breed of werewolves like no other, to thwart Starlyn's quest. Along the way, Starlyn unlocks mysterious powers she struggles to control, seeking an unlikely ally to guide her.

As time ticks away, a desperate race unfolds. Can Starlyn defy the Mistress and her Night Runners to reach The Elders in time? Failure could spell the end of an ancient era. Yet, in a world shrouded in secrets, nothing is as it seems.

Prepare for a pulse-pounding, must-read epic where destiny collides with danger, and the destiny of The Elders hinges on Starlyn's strength and cunning. Magic, secrets, and courage intertwine in a tale that will keep your heart racing until the very last page..


Betrayal of Blood: Legend of the Dawn Child Book Two

October 2023

Will her powers save them, or destroy them?

Swept away into the world of intrigue and mystery — a stark contrast to her farmstead life! — Starlyn DeTousan has a new task: to learn to master her recently discovered powers. The fate of the Elders depends on it. The fate of her newly formed friendships with the necromancer Trust and the Guardian of the Elite Stone Wolf, might depend on it, too.

But when Stone Wolf goes missing, Starlyn’s world gets turned upside down once again.

Monsters are the least of Starlyn’s and Trust’s problems after they leave the protection of the Elders to search for Stone Wolf. The vicious Night Runners, werewolf creatures sent by the Mistress, are still after Starlyn.

And the worst of all, there are secrets and intrigues…and everyone wants Starlyn for her powers.

Can she really tell who is friend, and who is foe? Should she stay with her friends — are they truly her friends? — or dare to seek training with the one she fears so much?

Will she learn the truth about herself before it’s too late…or will her powers be the end of the ones she loves?

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Bargain of Blood: Legend of the Dawn Child Book Three

December 2023

Cursed bargains and forbidden love weave a perilous web in 'Bargain of Blood: Legend of the Dawn Child Book Three.'

Starlyn DeTousan, the prophesized 'Dawn Child,' possesses unimaginable power. Her quest is clear: rescue Stone Wolf, her closest friend and potential love, from the accursed prison of the sword Niets. But to free him, she must make an unholy pact with the malevolent Elders, a choice that sets off a cataclysmic chain of events, plunging the kingdom into chaos.

The Elders' relentless pursuit leaves death and devastation in their wake. As tragedy strikes her family, Starlyn joins the underground Resistance, determined to fight back. With allies like the enigmatic Necromancer Trust, the stoic Night Runner Stone Wolf, and the beguiling Reverie, they uncover a weakness in the Elders' power—an opportunity that will test their resolve and principles.

Yet, amidst the chaos and peril, romantic tensions rise. Starlyn's heart is divided between Stone Wolf, Trust, and the charismatic Resistance General Atsuko. As they navigate their feelings, their destinies intertwine, adding layers of intrigue and uncertainty.

'Bargain of Blood' reveals the haunting consequences of three bargains, each darker than the last. We find each of our heroes must strike their own deals that may change their fate forever.

In this installment of 'Legend of the Dawn Child,' secrets and sacrifices abound, forging a path fraught with mystery and danger. Can Starlyn unravel the Elders' enigmatic grip and save her loved ones, or will she pay a price too steep to bear? The ultimate bargain has been struck, and the outcome shrouded in shadow.

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Story of Crystal Matthews

Who Is Crystal Matthews?

Crystal was born in eastern Washington where she was found by fairies under a rock amongst the sage brush.

She was raised by wolves in the North Cascades and it was here she developed a strong love for nature and the mountains.

Rain makes her smile and sunshine gives her strength. She is friends with the moon and knows, when the time comes, she will meet with her loved ones at the North Star. Her personality is her super power.

Basically, Crystal loves to read, create, all thing Fantasy and anything that has to do with being outside.

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