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Got Betrayal of Blood back from the editor and now crunch time for my homework! RELEASE DATE NOVEMBER

Betrayal of Blood

Betrayal of Blood is almost here. 5 more days until I get it back from my editor for the final edits. Can't wait to release this baby!

IndieBrag submission

Submitted Burdens of Blood with IndieBrag! That's the third contest so far this year. Let's see if I can win at least one emblem for the...


Audible is live and ready. I'm so happy I did this. It's such an amazing experience 😍 Listen to Burdens of Blood by Crystal Matthews on...

Kindle Sample

Barnes and Noble!

Just found out Burdens of Blood is available online at Barnes and Noble! So excited to expand my reach.

Just WOW

I am beyond happy with the response I've received from my website so far. Thank you to everyone who has visited! Be sure to join my...

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