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Bargain of Blood: Legend of the Dawn Child Book Three

Bargain of Blood: Legend of the Dawn Child Book Three

Cursed bargains and forbidden love weave a perilous web in 'Bargain of Blood: Legend of the Dawn Child Book Three.'

Starlyn DeTousan, the prophesized 'Dawn Child,' possesses unimaginable power. Her quest is clear: rescue Stone Wolf, her closest friend and potential love, from the accursed prison of the sword Niets. But to free him, she must make an unholy pact with the malevolent Elders, a choice that sets off a cataclysmic chain of events, plunging the kingdom into chaos.

The Elders' relentless pursuit leaves death and devastation in their wake. As tragedy strikes her family, Starlyn joins the underground Resistance, determined to fight back. With allies like the enigmatic Necromancer Trust, the stoic Night Runner Stone Wolf, and the beguiling Reverie, they uncover a weakness in the Elders' power—an opportunity that will test their resolve and principles.

Yet, amidst the chaos and peril, romantic tensions rise. Starlyn's heart is divided between Stone Wolf, Trust, and the charismatic Resistance General Atsuko. As they navigate their feelings, their destinies intertwine, adding layers of intrigue and uncertainty.

'Bargain of Blood' reveals the haunting consequences of three bargains, each darker than the last. We find each of our heroes must strike their own deals that may change their fate forever.

In this installment of 'Legend of the Dawn Child,' secrets and sacrifices abound, forging a path fraught with mystery and danger. Can Starlyn unravel the Elders' enigmatic grip and save her loved ones, or will she pay a price too steep to bear? The ultimate bargain has been struck, and the outcome shrouded in shadow.

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