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The Saga Begins

This is my first post...hooray me! It may not be the most content full blog ever but it will do for now. I am just getting started to promote my upcoming book, Burdens of Blood!

It's a fantasy novel...I don't have a great synopsis yet so how about a quick exert. Enjoy!

It seemed like a very uncomfortable eternity before the lantern in front of the little inn known as Cat’s Cradle became visible. Starlyn knew that riding a horse was terribly tiring but riding double on a horse was even worse. Without stirrups to rest her feet in, her thighs burned hot and her calves had begun to cramp. Her back was stiff and her injured shoulder throbbed in time with the ache in her head. The sight of the inn was indeed a beautiful one.

The rain was finally beginning to subside as the Guardian handed her down to the ground. Her legs responded poorly as she put her weight on them. This whole experience was amazingly embarrassing. First her rain soaked and mud splashed appearance then her wobbly knees and her awkward limp. It was too much to wish that the inn would be empty when she walked in, but she hoped for it anyways.

Taking a deep breath she prepared for the stares as she entered the inn. Instead of surprised looks she was greeted by a pleasant wave of warmth and the most alluring aroma wafting from the kitchen. Her stomachs response was more powerful then all of her aches, pains, and fears. She was starving and wanted whatever they had to give her.

A stranger passed by her, then looked at her twice before interrupting her train of thought.

“My word girl, are you okay?”

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