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Starlyn DeTousan was always an odd girl. An only child raised on her family’s farmstead, she never felt as if she belonged yet never knew why. That is until her peaceful world is turned upside down by being summoned to stand before the Elders, old gods imprisoned for thousands of years by a curse.

Assigned a Guardian escort, Starlyn must travel through dangerous lands full of vampires, demons, and werewolves in order to reach the Elders who believe she may be the key to their salvation.

Along the way Starlyn discovers she has abilities far beyond her own understanding and enlists the help of an unlikely friend, a Necromancer, to learn how to control them.

Meanwhile a mysterious Mistress from the North wishes to stop Starlyn from freeing the Elders and sends her personal pack of Night Runners to intercept the trio.

Starlyn finds herself caught up in an dangerous race against the Night Runners to reach the Elders in time. If she fails, the future of the Elders and possibly the realm, will be lost forever.

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